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monsieur le crepe [Jul. 19th, 2007|12:22 am]

monsieur le crepe, originally uploaded by lixolux.

last week i made crepes.

1. i need a crepe pan.

2. the recipe from pascal rigo's "american boulengerie" (which, despite what amazon says, is a book that is available for 19 dollars at any bay bread shop) is FANTASTIC - delicious savoriness! I dont understand these crepe places here in the city who do savory crepe fillings in sweet crepes. wheres the buckwheat flour? its essential. I do prefer cooking with a tiny dab of butter rather than oil, i like a drier crepe.

3. oops, fillings! we had in the fridge dubliner cheese, cooked beets and olives. delicious! (it was, not being sarcastic.)

4. and then i made monsieur le crepe!