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boys, meet the sheep [Apr. 25th, 2008|10:05 pm]

4.14.2008 uploads to flicker 009, originally uploaded by lixolux.

we took our nephews to vacaville to meridian jacobs to thier meet the sheep day a couple weeks ago.

(i just wanted to post this picture. they really werent into it, except this moment when i asked them to act like sheep. the pigs at the back of the farm were way more interesting. "is that poo on thier butt?" no its mud. uncle aaron took them to the car to have lunch and aunt jenne got some valueable time looking at fiber and came home with 2 bumps of jacob wool. its what they call "hardwearing" - its soft in a scratchy but not really way. i think theyre going to be great socks.)

out of parenthesis. on the topic of wool from interesting kinds of sheep other than the usual merino, some wool that i just unearthed in my stash is about apound of navajo churro wool in various shades of grey and brown. i got this wool from elisa (with an e) who had sheep in north hollywood somewhere - theyre so soft and cotton candy like, im going to dye them pink this weekend.

and also tomorrow im going to the Color fiber fest in berkeley - and im taking the rare wools tasting class. im hoping we spin some really crimpy stuff - the most crimpy wool ive ever spun was bfl from deep color - barbie hair!

oh and by the way...do you smell what the barack is cookin'?"